• What is a bespoke suit?

    What is a bespoke suit?

    There may be nothing else on the planet quite like wearing a truly bespoke suit, as this is as close to getting a second skin as any man or woman is ever going to be able to achieve.

    Truly designed, patterned, and cut from scratch specifically for a client and a single client only, a bespoke suit is the definition of handcrafted and hand designed. This isn’t a suit off of the rack that has been tailored to fit a client, but instead a suit that started off as nothing more than a collection of fabric – fabric, most likely – that has then been measured, patterned, and cut to the exacting specifications of a single client alone.

    Bespoke suits are truly custom

    The tailors in London’s Savile Row have become world-renowned for the bespoke suits that they have been producing ever since the 1700s, and many believe that the term actually originated there as well. The history of the term is a little bit fuzzy, but many believe that because you originally had to speak to a tailor to have a custom suit designed the suit was “spoken for” and over time the phrase was shortened to “bespoke”.

    The difference between bespoke and tailored

    As we highlighted above, they are is a significant difference between a suit that has been tailored to fit a client and a suit that is truly bespoke.

    Tailored suits are going to have modifications made to suits that have already been prepared for “off-the-shelf” or “off the rack” measurements, and while they are certain to fit a client perfectly – or almost perfectly, really – they aren’t the specific second skin that a bespoke suit is.

    When it comes to a bespoke suit, a client will sit down with a tailor and go over EVERYTHING about that suit. We aren’t just talking about measurements and fabric here, but the actual dimensions of the elements of the suit, the way that the cuff and pants will hit different parts of the body, the pitch and angle of the collar and the lapel, the lining, and so much more.

    The only truly custom-made suits are bespoke suits, which is why they cost so much more than a suit that is purchased and tailored – even from the best and most influential designers around the world. If you really want something special, a bespoke suit from a tailor on Savile Row is where you want to spend your money.